Beekeeping Taster Sessions for 2017
Would you like a holiday with a real difference?  Why not try our beekeeping experiences for a relaxing and truly memorable holiday. Or maybe a half-day taster session is more your thing?

Join us in our art-deco inspired villa on the banks of the river Vienne, surrounded by verdant Charentaise countryside and typically French, medieval towns and villages.  Every visitor is more than just a customer; you are guests in our home and will enjoy a classical, weekend house party atmosphere from the moment you arrive (think Downton Abbey without the stiff collars!).

With 3 and 6 night beekeeping holidays to choose from, there's something for everyone looking for a new and fun experience.  And at less than an hour from Limoges and Angoulême and within 90 minutes from Poitiers airports it's as easy to get here as it is to enjoy your time with us.

If beekeeping holidays are not your thing, we also offer luxurious and comfortable chambres d'hôtes (bed and breakfast) rooms all year round.  Click the images below to find out more and be inspired to book your next break!

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Inspecting a beehive
Why not make your next holiday something truly different
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Enjoy our bed and breakfast service at any time of the year

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Our newly spacious bedrooms offer comfort, style and great views


13 Bees Blog

by Thirteen Bees 09 Oct, 2017
We are often asked about stings - do we ever get stung and does it hurt? The simple answer is that if you keep bees you will get stung at some point, so yes, we get stung every now and again (usually I am stung when I am not actually working with the bees, I'm just doing something like hanging out the washing!) . Yes, it hurts, but not too much and not for very long. We wear tried-and-tested suits that keep out 99.9% of stings, so most of our stings are received when we're not wearing all the protective clothing. Given that we are often surrounded by up to 30,000 bees at any one time, one or two stings isn't too bad!
On the whole our bees are fairly docile and good-tempered, but every now and again they turn a little more defensive than usual. This can be if we are stealing their honey, or if the weather is turning stormy, or if they are just fed-up of being bothered by us once again....this is what happened with one of our colonies last week. They were especially grumpy and let us know that they weren't overjoyed to see us - the picture above shows just some of the stings that Kevin received on the edge of his veil. Thankfully none of them got through the mesh and he was fine, but it was definitely a case of 'suffering the stings and arrows of outrageous fortune' (apologies to William Shakespeare!).  Bees don't sting lightly - it's a big decision for them as they lose part of their abdomen when they sting, which means they die. It's always sad to see this many stings in our suits or gloves because it means that number of bees have died. With this colony we realised that they were not in the mood and so we beat a hasty retreat, thereby saving us and them!
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